Undergraduate Internship

Chemistry internship for B. Sc. chemistry undergraduates (CHEM3610).

It is a credit-bearing course only for B. Sc. chemistry undergraduate students.  This course provides students with an opportunity to gain work experience in the chemistry field. Students will undertake training and supervised internships in our collaborating organizations/units. Credits assigned for each offering may be different depending on the total workload hours required.  For CHEM students with instructor’s approval only.  Credit point(s): 2 to 3.  Graded P or F.  Prerequisite(s): CHEM 3550 OR CHEM 3555.

For details, please visit CHEM 3610 webpage (HKUST login required).


Career Exploration and Training Program.

A career building program exclusively for Science students to broaden their horizons, sharpen their competitive edge and figure out their career directions. A series of training and networking events will be arranged for students to take a deeper look at the diversified job markets and enhance their employability. Job referral services on internship and graduate jobs will be provided to match caliber candidates with industrial partners.

For details, please visit Office of Academic Advising and Support.


Other Internship Opportunities.  

For details, please visit Career Center of Dean of Students' Office.